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Restoration Fellowship is dedicated to recovering the beliefs of the first-century disciples of Jesus, the Messiah. Sound theology begins with the creed to which Jesus subscribed in Mark 12:28-29 — the creed of Israel (Deut. 6:4) — and the Gospel about the Kingdom of God (Mark 1:14-15).

Jesus commanded belief in that Gospel Message in contrast to much modern evangelism which often ignores Jesus' Message about the Kingdom of God.

Restoration Fellowship was founded by Sir Anthony Buzzard, Bt., MA (Oxon.) MA Th. in 1981.

The subject matter of our literature is not new and has been held by small groups of believers throughout the centuries, notably by some Anabaptists and the Church of God General Conference whose headquarters and college, Atlanta Bible College, are located in McDonough, GA, USA.



Theological Conference May 3-6, 2018

Did Jesus believe that he was God? See Matthew 16:13-17 and John 17:3. Click here to read more.

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Understanding Hebrews Chapter 13
“Everlasting Covenant”

Anthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill
In Hebrews 13, we see the author’s summary and conclusion of this great writing. The theme is God's everlasting new covenant in Jesus Christ. Anthony Buzzard and J. Dan Gill complete their exposition on the Book of Hebrews.

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Bible Quiz

1. When the New Testament writers called Jesus "Lord," they were saying that he is God. True or False?

2. The book of Revelation is John's revelation. True or False?

3. The Bible says: "Let us hold fast the confession of our faith…" True or False?

4. Satan in the Bible is just a word to describe the evil of human nature. True or False?

5. The Bible teaches that man has an immortal soul. True or False?

6. Jesus is called Almighty God in the Bible. True or False?

7. The Bible speaks of a time when "there will be time no longer." True or False?

8. I John 5:7, which speaks of the "Father, the Word and the Spirit" as being one, is not a genuine biblical verse. True or False?

9. Jesus was an angel before he was born. True or False?

10. God would never delude anyone. True or False?

11. God is usually described by plural pronouns and is often the subject of plural verbs. True or False?

12. Jesus promised to come back and take believers to heaven. True or False?

13. The word "God" in the Bible often means "God in three Persons." True or False?

14. The Bible speaks of "the end of time" and "the end of history." True or False?

15. Jesus during his ministry said that he was going back to the Father. True or False?

16. "Word of God" is really just another way of saying "the Bible." True or False?
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