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The God of Jesus in Light of Christian Dogma
by Kegan Chandler

At a very early stage in Church history, influences from the Greco-Roman world forcefully pressed the traditional God of Judaism through a system of pagan philosophy. The theological battles which followed produced serious problems for Christianity, and imperial edicts made accepting philosophical statements about God a matter of life or death.

Today, scholars are inviting us to reexamine whether these philosophies played any role in the preaching of the historical Jesus. Could reacquiring the Jewish worldview of the first century help us to better understand Jesus' theology in our own time? Could revisiting Church history show us where we went wrong?

In The God of Jesus in Light of Christian Dogma, Chandler embarks on a dynamic investigation of the developmental history of orthodox theology and its impact on popular interpretations of the New Testament. Relayed in two parts, the first provides a panoramic view of Hellenic influence on the early Christian faith, while the second revisits biblical interpretation. Writing for both the dedicated Christian student and the interested public, Chandler boldly appeals to both ancient history and modern scholarship to inform us about the origins of our most sacred traditions, and challenges the reader to contrast those ideas with the words of Jesus.



The Amazing Aims and Claims of Jesus
What You Didn't Learn in Church
by Anthony Buzzard

FREE PDF: The Amazing Aims and Claims of Jesus

Medical science is incapable of extending life beyond a few extra years. Jesus, however, claimed to know the secret of living forever. He revealed that secret clearly in his preaching about immortality and the Kingdom of God. The secret lies in the seed of the parable of the sower. That is the heart of the Christian Gospel. (2006, 262 pages, $12)

Chinese translation (PDF)
Russian translation (PDF)


The Coming Kingdom of the Messiah
A Solution to the Riddle of the New Testament
by Anthony Buzzard

FREE PDF: The Coming Kingdom of the Messiah

Our Christian documents point to one undeniable fact: Jesus was concerned above all with the Gospel about the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom is the center of his entire mission. It is his watchword and the nucleus of all his teaching.

Also available:
Chinese translation PDF
Korean translation PDF
Das kommende Konigreich des Messias (German) PDF
Mesijino buduce Carstvo (Serbian) PDF
Messias Kommande Rike (Swedish) PDF
La Prossima Venuta del Regno di Messia (Italian) PDF
El Reino Venidero Del Mesias (Spanish) PDF
Le Royaume a venir du Messie (French) PDF


Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian
A Call to Return to the Creed of Jesus
by Anthony Buzzard

Anthony Buzzard invites scholars and laymen alike to take seriously Jesus' Jewish creed, his recitation of the Shema, "Hear, O Israel," which proclaims God to be one single Lord. Defining God and His Son biblically remains part of the unfinished work of the Reformation. The evidence placed before the reader shows that a major paradigm shift is needed if Christians are to worship their God in spirit and in truth, uncluttered by the philosophical and confusing ideas of God which form part of received church tradition. (2007, 465 pages, $18)

Chinese translation PDF
Jesus war kein Trinitarier (German)
Isus nije bio Trijadolog (Serbian)


The Law, the Sabbath and New Covenant Christianity:
Christian Freedom Under the Teaching of Jesus FREE PDF
by Anthony Buzzard

Some two million believers express their devotion to God by taking seriously their commitment to strict, literal obedience to all of the "Ten Commandments." The fourth commandment is of special importance to them. They see it as a distinctive test of obedience. There are many more millions who claim also to be in submission to the commandments of God, but they disagree with their fellow students of the Bible about just what obedience to God's commandments means today.

Also available:
La Ley, El Sabado y El Cristianismo Del Nuevo Testamento (Spanish)
Zakon, Sabat i hriscanstvo Novog zakona (Serbian)












Our Fathers Who Aren't in Heaven
The Forgotten Christianity of Jesus the Jew
by Anthony Buzzard

The writers of the Old Testament - the Hebrew Bible - were in no doubt that God had spoken. Not only had He brought into being the heavens and the earth by His divine fiat, His incredibly powerful Word, but He continued to speak through certain chosen agents, the prophets. In this way God's people were not left in the dark about the Plan and purpose of the Almighty, who had made everything alone (Isa. 44:24; Job 9:8), was executing for the benefit of His creation. The character of the God of creation was summed up in His divine Name which revealed Him as "compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abundantly kind and faithful."

Also available:
Nasi Ocevi Koji Nisu Na Nebu (Serbian) PDF
Padres Nuestros Que No Estan en el Cielo (Spanish) PDF
Russian translation (Russian) PDF
Revised and updated edition
They Never Told Me This in Church!
A Call to Read the Bible with New Eyes
by former Church of Christ pastor Greg Deuble

"Greg Deuble has written a shocking book. He has learned to read the Bible from its own Hebrew perspective, and has shed a large quantity of traditional baggage. Because he is an honest student of truth, he has been rewarded with unusual insight. He has brought in a wealth of modern scholarly support for his argument, and the quotations gleaned from his wide reading are impressive. He adds a pleasing dose of Aussie humour to his writing while he invites us all to reexamine the major issues of biblical theology. The personal warmth of the author and his pastoral touch are evident in all he writes." (2010, 470 pages, $16)
The End-Time Time Line
by Jim Mattison
FREE download (PDF)
(2013, $9.00)

Retired pastor Jim Mattison brings together from various parts of the Bible what we need to know about the future and how we can prepare for it. He presents his material in a straightforward and well-organized manner. His work inspires confidence in God's revealed prophecies and hope for the future of mankind in the Kingdom of God to be established on a renewed earth. This book makes a significant contribution to the preaching of the Christian Gospel of the Kingdom.

The Gospel of the Kingdom
Advocated in a Series of Ten Discourses
by Wiley Jones, 1896

Available free online

Also available on CD, from Atlanta Bible College archives ($3)

What Happens When We Die?
A Biblical View of Death and Resurrection
by Anthony Buzzard
$3.95 booklet or free PDF file

Also available:
Qu'y a-t-il apres la mort? (French)
Que Ocurre Cuando Morimos? (Spanish)
Sta se dogada kada umremo? (Serbian)
Was geschieht, wenn wir sterben? (German)
Russian translation
Urdu translation
Who Is Jesus?
A Plea for a Return to Belief in Jesus the Messiah
by Anthony Buzzard
$2.95 booklet or free PDF file

Also available:
Chi e' Gesu' (Italian)
Cine este Isus? (Romanian)
Ko je Isus? (Serbian)
Qui est Jesus? (French)
Quien Es Jesus? (Spanish)
Vem ar Jesus? (Swedish)
Wer ist Jesus? (German)
Wie is Jezus (Dutch)
Russian translation
Urdu translation

The Doctrine of the Trinity:
Christianity's Self-Inflicted Wound
by Anthony Buzzard and Charles Hunting

This important work is a detailed biblical investigation of the relationship of Jesus to the one God of Israel. The authors challenge the notion that biblical monotheism is legitimately represented by a Trinitarian view of God and demonstrate that within the bounds of the canon of Scripture Jesus is confessed as Messiah, Son of God, but not God Himself. Later Christological developments beginning in the second century, and under the influence of pagan Gnosticism, misrepresented the biblical doctrine of God and Christ by altering the terms of the biblical presentation of the Father and the Son. This fateful development laid the foundation of a revised, unscriptural creed which needs to be challenged. This book provides a definitive presentation of a Christology rooted in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. The authors present a sharply-argued appeal for an understanding of God and Jesus in the context of Christianity's original, apostolic, unitary monotheism.

Also available:
La Doctrina de la Trinidad: La Herida Auto Infligida del Cristianismo (Spanish) PDF
Doktrina o Trojici: Sebezraneni krest'anstvi (Czech) PDF
Doktrina Trojstva (Serbian) PDF
Doktryna Trojcy: Rana Zadana Sobie Przez Chrzescijanstwo (Polish) PDF
La Dottrina della Trinita' La Ferita che la Cristianita' si e Inflitta (Italian) PDF
Itikadi wa Mungu Katika Nafsi Tatu (Swahili) PDF
Die Lehre von der Dreieinigkeit Gottes: Die selbst zugefugte Wunde der Christenheit (German) PDF
Teslis Ogretisi (Turkish) PDF
Treenighetslaeren: Kristenhetens Selvforskyldte Verkebyll (Norwegian) PDF
Russian translation (Russian) PDF

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